Tras la parada veraniega en la que hemos dejado este Blog algo olvidado, reemprendemos la actividad.

Empieza el otoño y se nos mezcla la ilusión de ir a «caçar bolets» con el ajetreo típico de estas fechas para los que trabajamos con ellos. También empieza la campaña de recolección de algunas trufas como la trufa blanca italiana y la trufa de Bourgogne. De hecho sobre esta última tendrá lugar en Viena, este noviembre, una conferencia técnica de la que os detallo más información. Para los que nunca hemos estado allí, puede ser una gran oportunidad para escaparse y ver qué cuentan…


First European Conference on the “European” Truffle Tuber aestivum/uncinatum

6-8.11.2009, Vienna

Location: Biodiversity Center of the University of Vienna, Rennweg 14

Pre-Registration Form (please return by e-mail to:

Tuber aestivum s.l. is native to most if not all European countries, and researchers in several countries now conduct fundamental and applied research on this noble fungus. However, most truffles supplied to the markets are still from natural truffle grounds, and frequently these are heavily exploited, suggesting that natural truffle harvests might be non-sustainable. On the other hand, the promising potential of the cultivation of the “European” truffle is still largely neglected. Which action and what kind of research is required to fully develop the potential of this treasure of Europe´s natural heritage? How can reserachers promote their achievements? What can truffle cultivation contribute to sustainable agriculture? What models of cooperation between researchers, land-owners and agro-policy are successful and beneficial?

Preliminary Program

Friday, Nov. 6th:

Pre-Confererence Excursion (whole day): Meeting at the Biodiversity Center of the University of Vienna, Rennweg 14 for an excursion to truffle plantations near Vienna (still juvenile, very first harvest last autumn). Institute Mini-Bus available for transport.

Saturday, Nov 7th:

9h – 13h, 14h – 18h: Conference at the lecture hall of the Biodiversity Center of the University of Vienna. In case that the contributions are to numerous, the lecture hall is available on Sunday, too.

Honorary Chairman: Gérard Chevalier

Contributions concerning all fields of research relating to Tuber aestivum/uncinatum are invited:

  • Cultivation and Field Experimentation
  • Ecology, Conservation and Restoration
  • Red Lists versus the Tragedy of the Commons
  • Population Ecology
  • Biotic Interactions and Community Ecology
  • Biotechnology
  • Taxonomy
  • Markets, Economy and Social Impact
  • Truffle Cultivation and European Agro-Policy
  • Quality Control Standards (Mycorrhized Seedlings and Truffles)
  • History
  • Climate Change and Landscape Ecology
  • Funding of truffle research in the (post?-)neo-liberal era
  • Models of cooperation between researchers, stakeholders and administration
  • European Initiative?

Sunday, Nov 8th:

Post-Conference Excursion (mycological or touristic).

Conference Language: English; consecutive translation to English possible if absolutely necessary.

Accommodation: A list of accommodation facilities not to far from the Biodiversity Center will be provided.

Conference fees: I will try to keep the costs as low as possible for all contributing scientists – I can make a calculation as soon as I have an idea about the approximate number of participants.

Proceedings: to be published in the „Austrian Journal of Mycology“