TRUF-UP Biostimulant for truffles

TRUF-UP Biostimulant for truffles


It is a natural biological product composed of beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, fermentation extracts and natural substances that promote the activation of the lifetime of the rhizosphere. It is a unique product that allows an application using irrigation and is highly concentrated so it can treat large areas with little product.
This bioestimulant for Truffle is the first formulated arising from an R & D project, scientifically tested by quantifying truffle mycelium using molecular techniques.




Truf-Up productos para truficultura by micoforaBiostimulant and fertilizer for truffle boost

It presents a formulation specifically designed for application in truffle plantations, through existing irrigation system or to spray onto the brule. It is particularly suitable to enhance the effect of mycorrhizae. Among the benefits that plants are: better resistance to stress, greater absorption of N, P, K and nutrients in general. Increased resistance to pathogens and nematodes agents. Root hairs length increases and increases microbial activity. The plant reduces damage from cold, has greater growth in poor soils and allows greater tolerance to toxins, drought and extreme pH.

 Delivery and application format

The product is a water soluble powder. its application is recommended in truffle trees with little force or development at any stage of the crop. We do recommend to repeat the treatment 2-4 times throughout the vegetative stage of the tree in spring-summer-fall.

Application rates are:
trees 1-3 years 0.2g / tree
trees 4-9 years 0.5g / tree
trees > 10 years 1g / tree
Go to portfolio: R+D project to develop a fertilizer for truffles

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