Mature hazel nut inoculations with truffles

Start date: octubre 2006 Objectives: Evaluate the potential to inoculate on mature hazels nut orchards with truffles (Tuber melanosporum & Tuber brumale). Location Castellon and Tarragona. Description: Inoculations were done in more than 4000 hazels with Tuber melanosporum & Tuber brumale. Subsequently it was followed by mycorrhiza analysis. Finally also we evaluated the production [...]


R+D Project To Develop A Truffle Farming Fertilizer

Start date: March 2016 Objectives: To test the truffle mycelial quantification using different treatments with organic products and microorganisms in nursery and truffle plantations. Methodology: For two years will establish several trials using different organic and microorganisms products were applied in nursery and truffle plantations. Subsequently we´ll monitoring the mycelium concentration by qPCR to assess [...]


Pine Mycorrhized With Lactarius – Mushroom Fruiting on Pots

Start date: March 2016 Objectives: This project aims to achieve the systematic production of Pinus pinea mycorrhizated with a special strain of Lactarius deliciosus, able to bear fruit in the pot from the second year of age. Description: For 3 years will make 3 production cycles with stone pine infected with saffron milk cap [...]


Mycoforest Technology – Nueva Zelanda

Start date: June 2006 Objectives: Technology tranfer to inoculate radiata pine (Pinus radiata) forests with Lactarius deliciosus and Boletus edulis edible wild mushrooms. Design and construction of digger-injector for direct inoculation into forest. Description: Mycoforest technology to be used on a large scale was adapted. For 4 years saffron milk cap and porcini mushrroms [...]


Growing truffles on Pines – Mexico

Start date: September 2013 Objectives: To evaluate the ability of a farm in Mexico to cultivate truffles, transfer technology to produce mycorrhizal plant, assess the feasibility of a range of local pine (Pinus cembroides) for cultivation of Tuber bochii and make a pilot plantation. Description: In a first phase we analyzed the potential of [...]


Technology Transfer for Mosbec Truffle Farms – South Africa

Start date: March 2013 Objectives: Technology Tranfer for production of mycorrhizal tree nursery with black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) in South Africa. Description: In a first step a potential for growing truffles in South Africa map was drawn, suing Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Then it began to transfer the technology to produce trees mycorrhized with [...]


Research Project on Bacteria Associated to Truffles

Start date: January 2009 End date: December 2011 Microbiological analysis in rhizosphere of seedlings and truffle trees for possible commercial application: a grant Torres Quevedo PTQ-08-03-07858 was obtained. Description: Using a special medium designed by Dr. Xavier Vilanova, Pseudomonadaceae populations were isolated from wild truffieres over 1 year. Additionally they were characterized by PCR and [...]


Rural Development by Growing Mushrooms in Nicaragua.

Date: june 2006-2008 In Rivas, Nicaragua. To identify mushroom production initiatives and training communities of women to establish production farms to grow mushrooms. Technology transfer to produce spawn; to develop a substrate based on farming waste products (from sugar cane, rice...); facilities construction and farming management. More information More information [...]


Desing And Build A Micological Botanical Garden – Spanish Government From Andalucia

Start date: January 2003. Project Description: At the request of the Government of Andalusia (South Spain region), the design and monitoring of works was carried out to transform a public space of more than 1 hectare in a Botanical Micological Garden & Museum. We recreated several habitats from Andalusia, in order to bear fruiting [...]


Technology Transfer to Produce Truffle Trees in Chile

Start date: March 2011 Objectives: Technology transfer to produce mycorrhizal truffle trees with black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) for marketing in Chile. Description: The project is structured in three consecutive tree production cycles, during which they were transferred all protocols for the design and construction of facilities, sowing, inoculation and monitoring Quercus ilex levels of [...]


Growing Tuber Borchii on Hazels – Chile

Objectives: Test of hazel tree inoculation with Tuber borchii comparing different stages of inoculation. mycorrhizae were analyzed in the field. Project area: South of Chile, Temuco. The results of this work have been presented at a scientific conference in poster form:poster. More information


Corfo Project to Monitor Truffle Orchards in Chile

Start date: September 2015 Objectives: To audit, monitor and prescribe different management mycorrhizal Quercus ilex plantations with Tuber melanosporum in the regions of O'Higgins and Maule (central Chile). Description: The project is structured in 4 sampling visits of different plantations, where root samples for the detection of mycorrhizae are taken and soil samples for [...]


Compatibilization of the Cultivation of Hazelnuts and Truffles – Coselva.

Start date: May 2015 Objectives: Test for compatibility of hazelnut cultivation with the production of truffles. Methodology: Inoculation of in vitro Dundee variety with Tuber borchii, and Tuber melanosporum & Tuber brumale hazels. Grafting with local cultivars of hazelnut to see how it affects the graft to mycorrhizal colonization. We used different methodologies to [...]


R+D Project to Grow Tuber Borchii in Portugal

Start date: March 2010 Objectives: To assess the genetic diversity of Tuber borchii in plantations and forests of Portugal. Study their competitiveness with other native ectomycorrhizal fungi. Description: Tuber borchii grows naturally in Portugal and has been found associated with less sensitive forests to the dry disease of Quercus. Monitoring was performed by molecular [...]


Truffle Inoculation in a Notophagus Forest – Chile

Start date: September 2010 Objectives: Trial inoculations in Notophagus glauca forest with Tuber melanosporum & Tuber aestivum. Description: different Notophagus forest plots near Lake Colbun (Chile) were inoculated using the Mycoforest technology, with Tuber melanosporum (September 2010) and Tuber aestivum (September 2013). After 2 years of inoculation root samples they were taken to assess [...]


Mycelium Quantification of Tuber Melanosporum

Start date: September 2013 Objectives: Quantification of the mycelium of Tuber melanosporum over a year and creating curves benchmark for Quercus ilex. Methodology: During one year bimonthly two soil samples were taken from truffle plantations. These samples were analyzed by real-time PCR technique in order to quantify the concentration of mycelium black truffle in [...]