Here you will find our products for Truffle growing: Truf-Up productos para truficultura by micofora

  • Pure Truffle Inoculum
  • Microbial biostimulant for truffles
  • Substrate with spores (analyzed with DNA) and bacteria
  • Specific herbaceous seeds to be planted in truffle plantations with the aim of improving soil fertility and facilitating its management
  • Truffle mycorrhized Trees

Since 1989 we have been producing truffle trees. Currently in the nurseries of the IRTA Research Center in Barcelona

There is a direct relationship between the size of the plant and root neck with the concentration of mycelium and mycorrhizae. This is why our plants receive a fertilization program in nursery, obtaining larger trees (20-40cm for 1 year, 40 -60cm for 2 years) and hardened.

Inoculum quality: each of the truffles used is analyzed by DNA and microscopy.

Mycorrhization mean levels are for one year 50% and 70% on the second.

We produce truffle trees in Barcelona, Chile, Mexico, USA and South Africa and truffle projects in 5 continents. Working with us you have access to the largest database and information from plantations worldwide.

The price of our truffle trees is 9 € / u, regardless of the type of tree and truffle. There is 1€ discount for trees produced on request. This is for bookings before March each year to be delivered March following year. If a grower prefers trees to be delivered in the autumn (1,5 years old tree) there will be an extra 0,5€ maintenance.

We can produce different combinations of trees and truffles that you can see in the table below. If you want any other combination, consult us at

truffle mycorrhized trees produced at micofora