Pure truffle inoculum/spawn

Pure truffle inoculum/spawn


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We provide freezedryed (liofilizated) DNA tested pure truffle spawn inoculum. All truffles are analyzed one by one at microscope and DNA tested one by one to avoid other species and check level of maturity of the spores. Truffles with low levels of sporal viability are rejected and sent back to provider same day. So note this inoculum has a higer percentage of viable spores than using normal unselected truffles.
Truffles are free from pests and insects and are surfaced sterilized before processing.
Prices equivalent to 1 gram of fresh truffle are the following, but note once freeze dryed inoculum weight decreases to 22%. (1 Kg fresh truffles: 220 g freeze dried)

Minimum order 100 grams of fresh truffle.


For orders abroad/overseas consult by passport Phytosanitary.

Note we do not provide instructions to use or inoculate truffle trees. For more information about how we produce this inoculum check https://trufflefarming.wordpress.com/2018/01/10/how-we-produce-our-truffle-inoculum-at-micofora/

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DNA tested pure truffle spawn inoculum

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Weight0,050 kg
Type of Truffle

Tuber melanosporum, Tuber borchii, Tuber uncinatum/aestivum


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