Substrates with truffle spores

Substrates with truffle spores


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Substrates with truffle spores to make spanish wells. Create the spanish wells and promote truffle yields and improve truffle shape

Our special substrate has already incorporated the inoculum of Tuber melanosporum in the amount necessary to generate the “male factor” to fertilize the maternal mycelium in the soil.

The biggest advantage of using this inoculum is coming from truffles analyzed one by one with DNA and microscopic, so we check the level of maturation of the spores and certifying that there can be no other variety of truffle (Chinese, brumale, etc).

On the other hand we just use quality truffles without insect larvae. Substrate has also received preliminary heat treatment and thus is free from insects such as beetles Leiodes or truffle, which could include using low-quality or drilled truffles.

Today we know more thoroughly how tree and truffle nutrients are exchanged. Through a research project Torres Quevedo we have developed a bacterial bioestimulant that we mix in the substrate to promote mycelial development. Likewise, as a result of another research project with IRTA we formulated a fertilizer for trees at the time of planting, already added to SUBSTRATE FOR PLANTING format.


We produce 3 FORMATS of this product:

  • For planting (1 liters / tree). Price of bag 50 L: 20 €   (price per tree: 0,4€)
  • For plants of 4-10 years (10 liters / tree). Price of the bag 50 L: 15 € (price per tree: 3€)
  • For plants> 10 years (10 liters / tree). Price of bag 50 L: 17,50 € (price per tree: 3,5€)
    NOTE: VAT and shipping not included. This product is not in stock. Reservations can be made all year long until each january. Orders will be served from February 15th to March 15th.

The bags are sold in pallets. A complete pallet contains 45 bags (substrate for 225 plants @10L/tree).




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black truffle sexuality and life cycle by micofora

The black truffle has two sexes or mating types, necessary for sexual reproduction and form the fruitbody. When we track these Mating Types in a truffle plantation we detect one overlaps the other and that is why when plantations reach the production age (6-8 years) half the trees have lost one of the two mating types and they can not bear fruit. Moreover all mycorrhizae in the soil act as females, and most males just come from spores that germinate and act as male factor to fertilize the female mycelium in the soil.

To counteract this effect, the use of substrates with truffle spores boost truffle yields.
Sustrato con esporas para truficultura

This is the way we incorporate these truffle substrates or spanish wells: in ditches or holes




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Weight15 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 21 cm

PLANTING SUBSTRATE (1 liter / tree), FOR PLANTS 1-6 YEARS (10 liters / tree), PLANTS> 6 YEARS (10 liters / tree)


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