A full service for the truffle grower

Micología Forestal & Aplicada offers you its global data base and over 30 years research into a comprehensive service for truffle growers: You can send your soil and root/mycorrhiza samples to assess their truffle potential, ask for a field visit & technical advice for your plantations. Meet our truffle team on line:

First approach

If you are eager to grow truffles but need a first approach to check if your idea can be worth we offer a first consultancy service for truffle projects. Its cost is 400 € and includes:

  • 1h initial Skype videoconferencing. Data request for technical report.
  • Study of climate and soil data. Elaboration of a technical report.
  • 1h video conferencing on Skype to discuss the results and final conclusions.

In case the client does not have soil analysis, you can send the samples to our lab in Barcelona.

Cost of a full soil analysis is 93 €/sample.

We can include as well a field technical visit to assess the farm in situ and sampling.

Our fees abroad are 950 € / day plus travel and per diem.

These prices are for studying a particular farm. For technical feasibility studies in larger regions or which have to analyze several areas, climates and soils, please consult a complete budget.

Full management

If you are already a truffle grower, we offer a full management and anaysis service. This service can be done on-line and includes level of truffle infection in the roots, recommendation of some substrates to improve fruitings…and of course any management questions are discussed.

This service has a cost of €1400 and includes:

  • 4 hours Skype
  • 10 samples root/mycorrhizae analysis
  • 5 Quantification of truffle mycelium by qDNA
  • report of results and proposed management

You may want to add a technical visit to your farm (950€/day plus travel costs), as every year some of our technicians travel overseas to visit farms and maybe you can join in some of these technical tours.

Note this is a pack, but you can create your own depending on how many samples you want to analyze, etc.
Ask or special prices for Truffle Growers Associations