Growing mushrooms

  • Wild Mushroom Spawn. Professional Package
    • Very attractive displays of 24 units of individual boxes with pelleted seeds.
    • two languages: Spanish and catalan. Size 34x29x35 cm.
    • Each box contains the dosage to sow around a tree (saffron-milk and bolete) or in one log (pleurotus)
    • They can be sown during the whole year, preferably in spring and autumn.
    • They contain sowing instructions inside.
    • Easy handling and transport
    • They preserve all their properties at natural temperature for one year
    Exhibitor 24 unitss
  • Substrato Shiitake

    Cultivate shiitake indoors, anywhere cool, airy and light. Three blooms are produced simply by maintaining the necessary humidity and temperature. It involves substrate with a mixture of deciduous sawdust incubated and ready to produce. Box 2 bags 3 Kg Substrate per Bags Prices indicated include VAT and shipping costs within Spain and Balearic Islands. For shipments to the Canary Islands and overseas, please check.
  • The SPAWN OF SAFFRON MILK CAP MUSHROOM are an exclusive product of MICOLOGIA FORESTAL & APLICADA. This spawn has been prepared for sowing around any pine species, always younger than 20 years, in any kind of soil, following the traditional system of obtaining mycorrhized trees: to bury the remains around the trees. Our company contributes techniques in biotechnology that improve this system and encourage the production of mushrooms.
  • Spawn of Boletus

    This spawn has been prepared for sowing around  pine, beech, oak, cork oak, and chestnut trees, of at least 20 years old, on acidic soils using ectomycorrhizal trees to provide the habitat for this fungus.  
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    Para el cultivo de shiitake, los árboles más adecuados son robles y hayas y menos indicados alisos y castaños. Los troncos deben cortarse durante el reposo invernal, justo antes del brote primaveral. El diámetro recomendable es entre 20-30 cm. La longitud apropiada es la de 30 cm. No deben emplearse troncos invadidos por otros hongos o por larvas de insectos. Evitar dañar la corteza durante la manipulación. Bolsa 2,5 Kg micelio sobre cereal Los precios indicados incluyen IVA y gastos de envio para Península y Baleares. Para envios a Canarias consultar portes.
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    Infected pines With Saffron

    Micologia Forestal & Aplicada produces infected pines with Saffron Milk Cap (SMC) mushrooms since 1989, it is essentially a pine tree that presents its roots colonized with mycorrhizas of Lactarius deliciosus. In our territory there are three different species of SMC (Lactarius deliciosus, L. L. sanguifluus and L. vinosus). Each is tailored to a particular environment. Each infected pine has been inoculated with the three different strains of selected native Lactarius deliciosus. Thus the environmental conditions where they're planted will select the most appropriate strain of Lactarius deliciosus for each territory.  
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