Spawn of saffron milk cap mushroom

Spawn of saffron milk cap mushroom


The SPAWN OF SAFFRON MILK CAP MUSHROOM are an exclusive product of MICOLOGIA FORESTAL & APLICADA. This spawn has been prepared for sowing around any pine species, always younger than 20 years, in any kind of soil, following the traditional system of obtaining mycorrhized trees: to bury the remains around the trees.
Our company contributes techniques in biotechnology that improve this system and encourage the production of mushrooms.

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  • Draw a line on the ground around the chosen tree, that follows the margin of its canopy.
  • For young pine (4-6 years), make a furrow(10-15 cms depth) following the line and fold back the earth. In older pines you have to make 8-12 holes along this line. Where there is grass, this can be removed before seeding and left back again after seeding.
  • Dissolve the content of the bag in one litre of water, shake it & allow to rest for 10 minutes. Distribute the resulting gel in the furrow or in the holes.& cover with earth.
  • Water the first day but do not flood; thereafter keep moist.


  • Water in dry periods during the summer Do not work the soil thereafter and avoid walking over the area. Do not fertilize.
  • Production, about 800g each season, should begin in about 2 years after seeding.
  • Repeat the sowing every two years to maintain production.


Dose: use one box per tree
Sowing time: throughout the year, preferably in spring and autumn. Avoid sowing when frost .Water in summer.

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5 individual boxes, Box 10 trees, Package 1 L, Package 5 L


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