Mix Bacterial Bioestimulant

Mix Bacterial Bioestimulant


It is a natural biological product composed of beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria and fermentation extracts, as well as natural substances that promote the activation of the life of the rhizosphere. It is a unique product that allows an application by means of irrigation and that is very concentrated by which it allows to treat great extensions with little product.


This bacterial fertilizer presents a formulation studied to use in any crop and stage of growth of the plant through the existing irrigation system. It is particularly indicated to enhance the effect of mycorrhizae on previously inoculated plants. Among the benefits it provides to plants are: better resistance to stress, greater absorption of N, P, K and nutrients in general. Increased resistance to pathogens and nematodes. It increases the length of the root hairs and increases the microbial activity. The plant reduces the damage of the cold, presents greater growth in poor soils and allows greater tolerance to drought, toxins and extreme pH. This allows us to reduce the use of fertilization and pesticides.

The product is a powdered product and is formulated to apply by irrigation in plants of nurseries and for the transplanting to field of vegetables and fruit trees. For a synergistic effect with the mycorrhizae it is recommended to pre-inoculate the plant with ENDOPLANT.
For more information on the biostimulant consult Biostimulant technical sheet
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Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 16 cm


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