Compatibilization of the Cultivation of Hazelnuts and Truffles – Coselva.


Start date: May 2015 Objectives: Test for compatibility of hazelnut cultivation with the production of truffles. Methodology: Inoculation of in vitro Dundee variety with Tuber borchii, and Tuber melanosporum & Tuber brumale hazels. Grafting with local cultivars of hazelnut to see how it affects the graft to mycorrhizal colonization. We used different methodologies to [...]

Truffle Inoculation in a Notophagus Forest – Chile


Start date: September 2010 Objectives: Trial inoculations in Notophagus glauca forest with Tuber melanosporum & Tuber aestivum. Description: different Notophagus forest plots near Lake Colbun (Chile) were inoculated using the Mycoforest technology, with Tuber melanosporum (September 2010) and Tuber aestivum (September 2013). After 2 years of inoculation root samples they were taken to assess [...]


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