Endoplan Tablets

Endoplan Tablets


ENDOPLANT Tablets is a new format of mycorrhizal inoculum in the form of tablets to be applied in the planting hole.

In its formulation we use a combination of native species of fungi (Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae) natural components of plant origin that help the compaction of the tablets and a superabsorbent agent of water. ENDOPLANT is an studied formulation for easy and quick micorization in nursery or field plants (in plants already established or during transplant).

The application of soil disinfectants, fungicides, as fertilizers with a high phosphorus content, may affect or inhibit the development of mycorrhizal fungi.

Bag 500 units
Inoculum for 500 plants


Instructions for use
Transplant: Place ENDOPLANT tablets under the plant in direct contact with the roots.
Plants already established: Bury ENDOPLANT tablets in the soil, so that it is in direct contact with the roots.
Dose: 1 tablet per plant
Format: ENDOPLANT tablets are sold in bags of 500 tablets.

For more information, download here ENDOPLANT

Prices indicated include VAT and shipping costs for Spain and Balearic Islands. For shipments to the Canary Islands and overseas, please check.

Additional information

Weight2,125 kg
Dimensions32 × 24 × 5 cm


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